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"Moccasin Bender seems like a mighty step forward for artist and songwriter Randy Steele.  Mabbit Springs starts the process beautifully, the instrumentation is organic and colourful, multi-layered and expressive - never simply falling into the trap of simple repetitive riffs.  Everything here is musically impressive, and Steele's songwriting is second to none."

               Rebecca Cullen Stereo Stickman

"Melding the best elements of Bluegrass and Country music with masterful storytelling - and topping it all off with veteran musicianship, production and - of course - Randy Steele's sincere and substantive vocal timbre ( I truly can't overstate the unique and moving quality of his voice) - has resulted in the creation of an emotionally relatable musical experience in Steele's sophmore solo effort.  Moccasin Bender.  This group of songs has further solidified my original impression of him as a musician of substance, honor, and warmth"

               The Ark of Music

"Like Songs from the Suck before it, Moccasin Bender is homegrown Tennessee sunshine injected into a collection of songs.  Bouncing Bluegrass arrangements are married by copious string pickin' and Steele's matter-of-fact crooning vocal delivery.  This is whiskey settled, hearth made music with a conscience that takes us back straight to foundation that Americana's settled on without any cracks to speak of."

               Jonathan Frahm For Folk's Sake

"Moccasin Bender offers scrumptious old-timey, delicious bluegrass music rife with twangy textures, quixotic nuances, and Steele’s whiskey-soaked Tennessee-inflected tones. There’s a plush feel to the harmonics that’s infectious and gets your foot tapping."

               Randall Radic

"Moccasin Bender, the latest release by Randy Steele is an album that captures the true spirit of Americana in it's time honored style, the music of ourforefathers, of the mountains and of the soul.  From the first note of Mabbitt Springs to the last in Pretty Little Girl with a Blue Dress On, it is the art of the storyteller, the music sets the scene, the words spoken are the players, the song itself, a life lived in the moments but remembered forever.  Randy Steele is a real artist, to have the talent to take a few musical momentsand brand them into your mind, where the notes will circle round within the mind forever, as a warm summer's breeze on a clear and beautiful day."

               Joseph Timmons IndiePulse Music Magazine

"Setting the tone for the album is the swinging rhythms of the opener “Mabbitt Springs”. Going for a raw visceral approach the fantastic banjo led “Adam And Rose” takes on a quieter tact, as Randy Steele’s voice positively shines with a radiant warmth. By far the highlight of the collection comes with the freewheeling loose world of “Big Talkin Woman” where everything works in unison. Incorporating country, chamber pop, folk, with a hint of rock all of “Big Talkin Woman” feels akin to going on a long journey courtesy of the fantastic strings and highly articulate lyricism. Presenting fantastic storytelling abilities is the thoughtful “Age Of Ben”. Slowing things down a bit and embracing a summery demeanor “Rummies” has a hint of nostalgia coming into the mix. Everything feels perfectly brought together on the energetic closer “Pretty Little Girl With A Blue Dress On”.

Randy Steele crafts a fantastic, fully-formed world that lives so lived in with the folksy optimism of Moccasin Bender."

               Conor Murphy Skope Magazine